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What is an IoT Gateway?

What is an IoT Gateway and what is its purpose? The definition of an Internet-of-Things Gateway is a device or software component that bridges communication between sensing, intelligent or controllable things and the cloud-based systems that support them.

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The Most Important Decision You Will Make — How to Build the Cloud Platform for Your Connected Home Device

It’s a common scenario. The pressure to get your connected product to market is real. The true cost of delaying your product launch is in the millions. One month of delay could give the competition the edge they need.

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Guide to Building an IoT Connected Device

Building a connected device or developing your Internet of Things (IoT) and connected device go-to-market strategy? If so, there is a lot to consider. We get it. That’s why we’ve created this free eBook, Guide to Building an IoT Connected Device, including a hierarchy of needs for connected ...

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Yonomi Closes $5 Million Series A Financing Round Led By Gentex

Yonomi, the IoT company that’s creating a more connected smart home, today announced the completion of a $5 million Series A financing round led by Gentex, a leading supplier of connected car and digital vision features for the global automotive industry, with participation in the round from ...

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Introducing Yonomi One

Today Yonomi, the IoT company that’s creating a more connected smart home, announced the launch of Yonomi One, the company’s newest commercial product for app developers and device manufacturers focused on the growing smart home market. Harnessing the technology platform that has vaulted Yonomi’s ...

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