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Tech Talks: Yonomi and Allegion Ventures

June 06, 2018 IoT Platform, Smart Home


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What is an IoT Platform?

What is an IoT Platform? IoT Platforms will fall into two categories - IoT Infrastructure vs. IoT Solution. Both can be considered platforms on which to build your own solution, but there are key differences. Let's start from the beginning.

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Consumer, Enterprise and Industrial IoT Platforms: What’s the Difference?

Imagine your family is in the market for a new car.  There are a number of things you’ll consider before making the purchase. Every dealer will try to convince you that their product is the best for you and yours.  But one thing’s certain; heading home in a new tow truck would be a poor choice.

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Study Shows Integrating With Alexa and the Google Assistant Is Not a Complete Smart Home Strategy

For device manufacturers and app developers interested in the connected home, there have been few trends watched as closely as the explosion of voice assistant-powered smart speakers. The runaway success of the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and now Homepod presents an attractive gateway for integrating ...

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Serverless—Vastly Improving the Economics of Building and Supporting Connected Devices

What does your cloud platform have to do with brand loyalty? I'll get to that... Let's start with some background on why serverless computing vastly improves the economics of building and supporting connected devices...

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